Building Blocks to Bright Futures

IMPACT: 20 Pre-K and Kindergarten students per semester

Assisting our community to focus on safety, health, social and cultural growth, and academic success for Pre-K and K students in after-school programs is the goal of this project. The YMCA provides after school care to nearly 15,000 youth from 16 area schools, Monday-Friday during the school year.  JLBR volunteers will work alongside YMCA staff to implement programming for Pre-K and Kindergarten children with the 5210 Nutritional Educational Program, reading, and arts and crafts. In addition, volunteers will work with the Pre-K and K students to build, create, and grow a community garden.

Research demonstrates that participation in a high-quality pre-k and kindergarten program increases a child’s chance of succeeding in school and in life. (Children who attend thes3e programs are less likely to be held back a grade, less likely to need special education services, and more likely to graduate from high school. They also have higher earnings as adults and are less likely to become dependent on welfare or involved with law enforcement.)