Diaper Cooperative

IMPACT: Thousands of families in the East Baton Rouge Parish area

Diapers are one of the few items not covered by WIC or Food Stamps. The inability of financially challenged parents to afford and access clean diapers has a direct health and economic impact on children. Not diapering children properly leads to painful diaper rashes and urinary tract infections, which if not treated can lead to fever, jaundice and even renal failure.  Additionally, proper diapering can stop the spread of infectious diseases like Hepatitis A, bacteria that can cause severe diarrhea, and viral meningitis.  A child who is sick due to poor diapering, or one who is not allowed to attend daycare because parents cannot provide diapers as required, is deprived of an enriched learning environment.  JLBR volunteers will work to organize and implement four diaper drives over the course of this year.  Volunteers will also educate the public, community non-profits, and the membership of the JLBR on these needs in our community. For more information, contact the Diaper Cooperative Committee Co-Chairs.